Notices and Grants

E++ provides a database to view all the grants, incentives and notices on energy efficiency for private buildings, public utilities and public energy. We offer:
- Support to the strategic choice of the best technical solutions for integrated energy planning 
- Adoption of instruments for sustainability certification of both new and existing buildings 
- Support for the preparation of funding applications
- Execution and reporting of the project which has received funding 

Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling from the earliest design stage to guide architectural and HVAC systems decision (whole energy performance, daylight and comfort) up to the completion of the Energy Modeling, according to ASHRAE 90.1 2007 App.G, for the submission and obtaining of energy related LEED credits.

LEED AP Services and support

LEED AP Consulting and LEED project management following and coordinating all activities required in the certification process.
From the identification of sustainability objectives and the certification target, coordinating the integrated design process, to monitoring and coordination of the construction phases.


Commissioning services of HVAC and others building technical systems, basic and advanced according to LEED specifications, to ensure the needs of the client in the design and monitoring compliance with the intent and design objectives until the construction and the first use.