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17 april 2009

E++ “supplied” Tecnogranda with photovoltaic and cogeneration

20 kWp (kWp= kiloWatt/peak) are supplied by the 116 photovoltaic panels placed on the wooden roofing which is in the shade and has a 70 kWp cogenerator.

16 april 2009

E++ realizes 400 kWp

It is certainly one of the biggest “turnkey” plants commissioned to a company directly by a private, and not by a financer, at least on a national level.

14 april 2009

E++ enters in “Piemonte Fotovoltaico”

"Piemonte Fotovoltaico" will be the sole interlocutor, on a regional level, for privates and companies that intend to use a photovoltaic plant.