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10 march 2010

E++ in Malaysia

E++ has met in Kuala Lumpur the Malaysian Minister of Energy Dato Sri Peter Chin

06 march 2010

E++ at ASIA 2010

E++ will attend the conference organized in Malaysia by Hydropower & Dams to review the use of renewable sources in the south-east Asia.

25 november 2009

Mini & Micro, the "green" future of hydroelectric

Workshop organized with the technical and scientific advice of APER, during which E++ will present its experience in the field of micro and mini hydropower applications 'stand alone'.

14 september 2009

Biomass gasification, high-performance oxygen-enriched atmosphere

This is the title of the joint-intervention E++ - Rivoira to "Day-depth information on bioenergy", Thursday, September 24th, 2009 in Milan.

11 september 2009

E++ at "Cheese"

With the promotion "It's time for photovoltaics" and the intervention of E++ President, Franco Filippi, at the conference "The cheese and the planet".

03 september 2009

E++ has undersigned the “Pact for the Alps climate”

The initiative launched by CIPRA, International Commission for the Protection of the Alps, during the Second Alpine Week at Argentière-la-Bessée, in France.

31 july 2009

E++ in Malaysia

In the July month, a delegation of E++ has gone in Malaysia in order to carry out some inspections and studies of feasibility for the electrification of villages not connected to the public electrical grid in the Asian Country.

17 april 2009

E++ “supplied” Tecnogranda with photovoltaic and cogeneration

20 kWp (kWp= kiloWatt/peak) are supplied by the 116 photovoltaic panels placed on the wooden roofing which is in the shade and has a 70 kWp cogenerator.

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