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09 september 2013

E++ home to the third meeting of the European Project Umbrella

In Cuneo from 04/09/2013 to 06/09/2013 was held the third bi-annual meeting of the European partners involved in the innovation project called UMBRELLA (Business Model Innovation for Hight Performance Buildings Supported by Whole Life Optimisation) activated within the 7th Framework Programme.
The work of the research group have focused on the analysis of the results obtained so far and has been traced the way to go for the next 18 months for the development of innovative product.
The project is concerned with energy efficiency and sustainable design through the development of an innovative web-based platform that will see the first application on four demonstration projects located in the UK, Italy, Spain and Poland.
The instrument will be able to highlight to users in a simple and direct such technological solutions or mix of technologies is more convenient to adopt the lower cost compared to higher overall energy efficiency and the lifetime of the building.

Project Partners: Integrated Environmental Solutions Limited (UK); Exeter University (UK), University College Cork (Ireland); LGI Consulting (France); Solintel (Spain); NAPE (Poland); STAM (Italy); D'Appolonia (Italy ).