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30 september 2013

Take the online questionnaire - Umbrella Project

UMBRELLA project (Business Model Innovation for High Performance Buildings Supported by Whole Life Optimisation) will develop an innovative, web-based decision-support application, which will support and connect the range of stake-holders involved in energy efficiency design and retrofitting of the built environment.

Against this backdrop, we would like to conduct an online survey aiming at a collection of the views of all relevant stake-holders engaged in Energy Efficiency related innovation activities. It will primarily address the questions on the satisfaction of the stakeholdersown role, current business models and energy contracts, availability to use ICT tools, and sustainability of processes and materials. 

In this context, we address you as an expert and would like to ask you to participate in the mentioned survey.
Looking at your expertise, experience and backgrounds we feel that your participation will enhance the quality ofthe outcome.
Your input will be instrumental to the mentioned initiative - as such it is highly appreciated. If you want, you will be informed about this study's public results.

The survey will take you only about 15 minutes to complete.

Please start the survey here: http://www.umbrella-project.eu/questionnaire.

From there, you can choose the category of stakeholder you belong to and access the specific tailored questionnaire.

In case of questions in regards of this survey please contact: 
Dr. Ruth Kerrigan 
Project Coordinator
Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES)
Phone:  +44(0)141 945 8500