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14 february 2014

Energy efficiency activities in collaboration with Consorzio Seyes

The work engaged on energy efficiency with the Seyes consortium keeps going. Our consultants are executing several “flash audits” among regional companies offering solutions and proposing interventions for energy costs reduction.

The activity is unrolled toward customers with yearly energy costs above 500 MWh and gives the opportunity to obtain a free report containing a snapshot of the company consumptions as weel as an overview of the main areas of interest for efficiency invetments.

By evaluating historical costs, consumption areas (offices, plant floor, service machinery, etc...), installed power and state of use of main energy greedy plants our experts are able to write down a list of interventions ordered by pay-back time and technical feasibility.

Going from quick and effective solutions (LED lighting, engines substitution) to more complex ones (CHP feasibility studies, thermal load and requirements calculation, dynamic modelling, etc...) we offer our knowledge to enhance all energy aspects inside the production process.

Compressed air
We promote leak-detection campaigns and compressor units monitoring to optimize air use with a systemic approach (air compressors, piping, valves and actuators)

Variable speed drives
We acquire efficiency statuses and characteristics of all the main engines used in production to suggest new purchasing and substitution criteria integrating energy costs and evaluating the insertion of variable speed drives (VSD) to further reduce eletric loads.

We developed EnergyCloud, an electrical consumptions monitoring system populating a web platform to chart consumption profiles as well as many electrical variables (voltage, current, power factor, active, reactive and apparent power). It can be easily installed, permanently or as a mobile measurement point, to gather different electrical lines, it gives a way to better know and discover where consumptions hide and where to act first.

We work on a number of energy sector areas, come back frequently to visit our site and be notified of new activities or contact us directly for any other infomation: info@eplusplus.net