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23 september 2014

Aqueduct hydropower plant in the Province of Ayas

Continues and grows the activity in the field of hydropower with the acquisition of new contracts for the refurbishment of existing plants and the building of new power plants.
We are realizing aqueduct hydroelectric plant in the town of Ayas, Province of Aosta.

Will be installed 2 Pelton turbine with horizontal axis and the electric power will amount to approximately 26 kW.The energy produced will be sold entirely to the national grid.

The assignment involves the design, supply and commissioning of all electromechanical equipment including turbine-generator, valve machine, sensors on the machine, electrical power and control, automation.

Hydropower plant Crest:
Rated net head: 161,8 m
Maximum rated capacity: 0,015 m³/s 

Hydropower plant Barmotze:
Rated net head: 50,7 m
Maximum rated capacity: 0,015 m³/s   

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