Public Grants

E++, by mean of an R&D team concerned about studying and experimenting new solutions, offers support subsidized finance.

Subsidized finance is the set of investments tailored to enterprises that facilitate the development of projects in terms of coverage of financial needs, supporting the company during all the steps necessary to obtain the benefits, be they European, national or regional.

E++ is a partner of reference for companies and individuals who need to identify and exploit the opportunities offered by subsidized finance.

The R&D team offer a personalized service characterized by the following steps:
• Support to design and preparation of funding applications
• Reporting of the project which has received funding

The areas of intervention in which the company operates are:
• Investments on research and development
• Investments on energy efficiency in the industrial sector
• Investment on sustainable design and energy certification
• Investments on renewable energy systems  

To request an estimate and for further inquiries, send an email to comunicazione@eplusplus.net or call us at 0171/413963