Design and Consultancy

We give technical support to designers and the professionals for the construction of hydroelectric plants. Our feasibility studies analyze the choices of components and technologies as well as potential site optimization. E++ offers its expertise to assist customers in all authorization procedures.

Construction of new hydroelectric plants and revamping of existing ones

We build new power plants by managing overall project implementation to provide turn-key solutions. 
We also specialize in revamping old plants by optimizing returns. We develop internally automation systems for remote monitoring. Our staff can deal with assistance and maintenance aspects of each plant installed.

E++ Product catalogue

Design and deploy of new in-house types of products directed to the hydropower sector. Among these, a particular type of screen for capturing water in streams or canals which is called COANDA GRID. Minimized maintenance and cleaning of sand collectors and settlers. E++ also realizes PELTON turbines up to 50kW size. E++ introduces a new range of DRONES and UNDERWATER DRONES for monitoring of the hydraulic structures and canals of hydropower plants.